About niHUB

niHUB is China’s Leading Services Platform for Startups & Entrepreneurs

What do we do?

niHUB works to provide services and support to foreign entrepreneurs and companies looking to scale & expand in the Chinese Market.

What have we achieved so far?

Since we’ve started in June 2017, niHUB has helped more than 50+ companies to setup operation in China. Through our investment services more than RMB 150,000,000 has been raised for a variety of high-level startups.


We Help You to Innovate in China

Incorporation in China

Incorporate your Business in China, Government Grants, Manage your Taxes & Accounting, Visa

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Get the Funding your company needs from Professional Investors.

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Office Space

Located in the center of Innovation, niSPACE will provide you all facilities that you need to grow your business in China

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Streamline, Manage, and distribute your content – Build your Brand with niHUB Content Marketing Management

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Our Team

Lucas Rondez

Lucas Rondez

Managing Director & Investment Manager


Joshua R. Bunnell

Joshua R. Bunnell

Marketing Manager


Mia Miao

Mia Miao

Business Developer


Nikki Rong

Nikki Rong

Operations Manager



We Want To Invest In You

What industries do you invest in?  This is the question that every founder, CEO, entrepreneur, client, and even friend is asking us. However, there is not one easy answer.  Of course, we have several industries that we prefer but this is mostly because we simply have more experience and resources regarding these industries.  These industries include:  Artificial Intelligence Robotics […]

A Few Reasons To Fail – Startups

Why being so negative and talking about failure and not success? Well, that’s because unfortunately it is so much easier to fail than to it is to succeed. As an entrepreneur, I never  consider a “failure” as a “failure”. I take it as a (costly) learning experience.  It’s for this reason that we should alway be connecting and sharing our experiences, […]

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